Privacy Policy

Last updated on 8th March 2023

Information collected does not reveal your specific identity (name or any personal details) and all information collected is anonymous. Information regarding your device and usage information such as your device, operating system, language preferences, device name, country, geolocation, IP address, browser and device characteristics will automatically be collected when you navigate or are using our apps or website. Information about how and when you use our apps or website and any other technical information will also be collected. This information is primarily used for our internal and third party analytics, crash reports and diagnosing app/website bugs or glitches. This information will overall help us learn and improve our app and website for all users.When using our apps we may request access to certain features from your device including, the device's photo library, pop-up notifications, reminders, storage, device's camera and other features. If you want to change the access/permissions for our apps you can change the permissions for these features in your devices settings. We use or may use the following ad serving services adMob and adSense to monetise our Apps or Website. These services will only display non personalised ads and will not track you across multiple sites or apps. We may collect anonymous user metrics such as average session duration, active users, sessions and exposure. This data is primarily used for the following:
  • Improve existing systems and software 
  • View the performance and effectiveness of ads you see or interact with

Some of our apps may contain online multiplayer leaderboards, to display these leaderboards we may collect and store specific information based on the app and leaderboard type. Information such as an userID, username and scores may be collected and stored only if you have achieved a spot on the leaderboard. If you lose your spot on the leaderboard all this information will automatically get deleted and no record is kept.
Some of our apps may also contain share features allowing you to share your user created content to another device or a friend, to be able to share this data to another device it will be stored temporarily in a remote database so that the second device can download the data using a private code. The data is stored for approximately 24-48 hours and then is permanently deleted and removed from the database. This is to give enough time for the main device to share the private code and for the second device to use the code to download the data.
To improve the performance of AdMob,  Google may collect certain information from our apps, including:
  • IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.
  • Non-user related crash logs, which may be used to diagnose problems and improve the SDK. Diagnostic information may also be used for advertising and analytics purposes.
  • User-associated performance data such as app launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, which may be used to evaluate user behaviour, understand the effectiveness of existing product features, and plan new features. Performance data may also be used for displaying ads, including sharing with other entities that display ads.
  • A Device ID such as the device's advertising identifier or other app-bounded device identifiers, which may be used for the purpose of third-party advertising and analytics.
  • Advertising data, such as advertisements the user has seen, may be used to power analytics and advertising features.
  • Other user product interactions like app launch taps, and interaction information, like video views, may be used to improve advertising performance.

For more information about how google uses your data you can visit the pages below:Privacy Policy - of Service -
Information collected from the website may be shared with google analytics. You can obtain further information in relation to this privacy policy by contacting us via our support E-Mail.This privacy policy can be updated at any time.